About RULE

What We Do

We imagine steps to success and write the imagination lists.

We set S.M.A.R.T. goals and teach others to do the same.

We facilitate virtual and in-person events for teens to build skills.

We journey alongside each teen to ensure their plans support and propel their goals.

Who We Are

  • A New Jersey 501(c)(3) nonprofit
  • Operating in the City of Paterson
  • Organizing since December 2018
  • Equipping teens to lead

Our Mission is to equip teens with the skills and the assurance they need to dream big and take small steps to fulfill their dreams and purpose.

Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

RULE aims to create a learning culture where teens have access to value-driven discussions within a support team that assigns roles and responsibilities to members to help them develop a mindset that is equipped for conquering adversity and increasing performance.

Open Access

To experience personal growth, commit to meeting 60 minutes a week for 1 year.

Our Calendar gives access to events, meetings, workshops, and more.  

Any teen can catch up with training after submitting an application.

In This Order:

Program Goals for Teens

  • Increase student-to-student interactions
  • Reduce complacency and procrastination
  • Increase goal-setting awareness
  • Reduce low academic performance
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)


  • Awards
  • Friendship
  • Leadership 
  • Mentorship
  • Networking
  • Recognition
  • Scholarship Locator
  • Study Skills
  • Wish List Achieved

Our Board

Our board members are professionally diverse.  More importantly, they work strategically to ensure that activities and transactions are advancing RULE's mission.

Although nonprofit organizations in the State of New Jersey have the capacity to seat 10 members on their board, RULE has six members, three of whom are officers.

Our board members oversee the efficient use of program assets.  In addition, they assure the government and the public that the organization is functioning in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Board of Trustees

Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

Keith B. Allen, Esq.

Linden, NJ
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

Linda A. Hicks, M.Ed.

Paterson, NJ
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

 Eric R. Null, B.F.A.

High Ridge, MO
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

Councilman Robert L. Artis

Prospect Park, NJ
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

Dr. Stephanie D. Taylor, PhD

Annandale, NJ
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

Edward A. Jones Sr.

Hillside, NJ
Mr. Abdoulaye Sanogo

Abdoulaye Sanogo, M.E.

Executive Director 
Brooklyn, NY
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

Denise R. Blackwood

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Paterson, NJ